The Creatures of Rishon-Rune I: The Great Elf Leader and the Other-World Witch

Elves The first appearance of Elves can be traced back to German folklore. They are supernatural, magical beings with pointed ears and pale skin. They are the second most numerous species on Rishon-Rune.
Argopelter The legend of the argopelter comes from the Northeastern part of the United States. They’re native to the forests of Oregon, though reports go as far away as Maine. For fun, they throw sticks and twigs at those passing through their forest homes, and are so quick they’re only seen on the rarest of occasions.
Bastet The Bastet has its origins in ancient Egypt. The creature can take any combination of cat or human forms. From the form of a house to cat or a full human, or 50% cat-50% human, or any combination in between, these are manipulative creatures that are very territorial.
Serpopard A serpopard has the body of a leopard and the tail, neck and head of a snake. The poison in their fangs is so deadly that a serpopard will die within seconds if it bites itself. The legend of the serpopard originates from ancient Egypt.
Dragons Dragons can be found in tales and myths throughout the world. The stories of the giant winged, fire breathing, reptiles are so numerous and expand across the globe one has to wonder if this creature is more fact than fiction.
Giants Giants are known throughout the world and have existed as long as stories have been told. Even though we might not have any twelve-footers walking the planet today, we certainly have a number of modern giants over seven feet tall!
Gargoyle The legend of the Gargoyle originated in France. “La Gargouille,” as they are called, are said to be more than just stone statues on buildings. They are guardians, able to fend off evil spirits. If needed, they are able to come to life.
Goblin Goblins have been told of for so long no one knows where the legend originated from. Their appearance varies depending on the country of origin. But one thing is for sure, they are not all little, grotesque, evil creatures as many claim.
Witch A witch is a woman with magical abilities. The belief that women have been able to practice magic has been around since the earliest human cultures. Not all witches are evil. Not all are good. And the types of magic they're able to practice are too numerous to list.
Wizard A wizard is a man with magical abilities. The belief that men have been able to practice magic dates back to the earliest human cultures. Some wizards are evil, some are good. The magical abilities of wizards are too numerous to list
Werewolf The legend of the werewolf can be traced back to European folklore. They are people with the blessing (or curse) to be able to turn into a wolf-human hybrid. Werewolves are able to control this ability except for on the nights when the moon is at its fullest.
Abarimon These backwards-footed people are said to live in the valley of Mt. Imaus in the Himalayan Mountains. Even though their feet face backwards they are able to run at incredible speeds. Just don’t let them catch you, or you might become their next meal.
Cyclops This single-eyed, giant creature can be traced back to Greek Mythology. Although thought to be a primordial race, Cyclopes, are actually intelligent, strong, thoughtful, and very skilled at a number of tasks from blacksmithing to masonry and fighting.
Yeti Also known as the Abominable Snowman, this cousin of the Big Foot, is said to be found in the Himalayan Mountains. All white in color, this ape-like creature has left plenty of evidence behind to show that they are more than just a legend.
Abaia The origins of this giant eel can be traced back to Melanesian Mythology. Measuring over a hundred feet in length this creature has the ability to shoot fire from its eyes, and considers everything living in their lakes to be their children. They will furiously attack anyone who tries to harm or disturb their children.
Melusine The Melusine can be traced back to European folklore. This female creature has the bottom half of a snake, and wings on her back. They have a special place in Celtic folklore and often try to hide the fact that the bottom half of them is a snake.
Kitsune The Kitsune, a fox who is able to turn into a person, can be traced back to Japanese folklore. When a Kitsune is in their fox form they are able to great magic. The peak of their magic is being able to slow time, although only the oldest and wisest Kitsune are able to accomplish such a rare feat.
Jotunn This giant cousin of the troll originated from Norse Mythology. Just like their cousins, they love hiding under bridges to wait for their next meal. These slowwitted creatures are especially big fans of crunchy bones.


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