Back Cover Blurb from The Tales of Rishon-Rune:  The Great Elf Leader and the Other-World Witch:

            Sixteen-year-old Maximilian Alfred Duke Murphy has always hated his name…until now.

            Always being picked on for his slightly pointed ears and bleach blonde hair with the strange black patch above his right ear, Max is finally enjoying the peace and quiet of country living.  He’s a foster child that’s always lived in the city until just a few days ago when he was placed with a family living in rural Kentucky. 

            But that’s all about to change.  While out exploring a forest behind the old farm house he finds a dead end road in a clearing, and that’s not all.  A falcon lands on the road and tells him a gateway is about to open and that Max needs to follow him.  As the sun sets and shines on the end of the road a gateway opens and the falcon flies through, but Max can’t bring himself to go.  However, Max can’t get the gateway off his mind, and goes back the next day.  En route, another child living at the home, Elizabet Belle Malone, decides to tag along.  She doesn’t believe Max about the talking bird and the gateway, but then again, who would?

            When Max and Liz go through the gateway a whole new world awaits them.  A land where Max learns that his name, and all names, have meaning and magic and enchantments are commonplace.  A land where mythical and legendary creatures are a reality.  A land of elves, witches, wizards, bastets, hobgoblins, werewolves, dragons, Serpopards, and much, much more.  The island of Rishon-Rune.

            There’s just one problem, the sun hasn’t shone in days.  Soon Max and Liz find out that they may be the only hope Rishon-Rune has to restore the sunlight and set out on an adventure of a life time.  A journey that takes them through deserts, mountains, swamps and sailing over the Kian Sea.  A trip that takes them to a castle made of ice that isn’t cold, and to a wizard’s house hidden in the hills.  But, if the ancient future predictions are right, to restore the sunlight one of our heroes might have to pay the ultimate price.

            Join Max and Liz and the unique band of travelers they pick up along the way as they set out to restore the sunlight to Rishon-Rune.  It’s an adventure you don’t want to miss with an ending that will have you begging for more.

About the author, Derek V. Trout


            The Tales of Rishon-Rune: The Great Elf Leader and the Other-World Witch is Derek V. Trout’s debut novel.  He started writing this novel in 2009 and four years later it’s finally a completed work.

            On his website,, he has numerous short stories as well as a blog available about trying to get published.  In his free time Derek enjoys golfing, collecting writing antiques, iced coffee, and of course writing.  But most of all Derek loves spending time with his wife of over five years and their two children.  Derek wrote The Great Elf Leader and the Other-World Witch, for his wife who loves epic tales of adventure.

            Derek V. Trout is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and Asbury Theological Seminary.  In addition to having a passion for storytelling he also has a passion for theology.  He currently lives in Louisiana.

             If you would like to contact Derek V. Trout you may do so by emailing him at  You can also follow him on twitter @derekvtrout or like him on facebook at


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